During an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” this morning, White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow talked up the need to “observe safety guidelines” to fight coronavirus, adding that “face coverings in key places must be observed”:

When asked if this meant that attendees at the upcoming #MAGA rally in Tulsa on Saturday should wear masks, Kudlow replied with “probably so”:


It’s pretty clear that the White House is taking precautions to make sure the president isn’t exposed to coronavirus, going as far as making attendees to a weekend fundraiser at his club in New Jersey take COVID-19 tests before being allowed to get in:

And Secret Service agents were spotted in masks in a photo released by the White House last week:

There is concern among “some health officials” that holding the rally on Saturday could “pose risks”:

And we don’t know what safety measures the campaign will put in place:

Kudlow’s comment is already causing issues for Republicans who will be attending the rally: