We regret to inform libs that George Takei is making sense on the #DefundThePolice rhetoric and you should be listening to him before AOC and Co. leads Dems off the cliff:

Nobody really knows what they mean by #DefundThe Police actually. For some, it’s cut the budget but for others, it really is get rid of the police as we know it:

And as for polls, good luck, Dems:

As for *what* this new police force would look like, Minnesota AG Keith Ellison doesn’t want cops *RESPONDING TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CALLS* to be armed. What’s he going to send instead as some guy is beating up a woman? A marriage counselor?

Well, at least Sen. Cory Booker appears to understand the problem with the phrase:

But as we pointed out yesterday, Dems need to be accurate when talking about demilitarizing the police, too. For example, the police do not have “tanks”:




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