Ian Haydon, a volunteer in Moderna Therapeutics’ coronavirus vaccine trial, opened up to Stat News and admitted he had an adverse reaction to the experimental vaccine, but he’s not concerned about it:

From Stat News:

Patients in clinical trials are usually faceless. But as the experimental Covid-19 vaccine being developed by Moderna Therapeutics has begun advancing through studies, it has found a much more visible advocate: trial volunteer Ian Haydon, a 29-year-old in Seattle.

Haydon has spoken about the vaccine on CNN and CNBC. He even said he’d volunteer to be exposed to the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, if researchers want to test to see if the vaccine was actually effective. But up until now he has left out a key detail: He is, apparently, one of three people in the trial who had a systemic adverse reaction to the vaccine.

Twelve hours after receiving his second dose, he developed a fever of more than 103 degrees, sought medical attention, and, after being released from an urgent care facility, fainted in his home. He recovered within a day.

You know, maybe the volunteers in this trial shouldn’t be going public and doing television interviews? Just a thought:

We have one chance to get this right and he’s going public now only because he was public then:

His adverse reaction reportedly came on the second dose, a booster that was “10x what some others got”:

Other participants reported similar effects:

He remains “cautiously optimistic”:


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