Ann Coulter, the author of “In Trump We Trust,” has been on a multi-hour Tweet spree calling out President Donald Trump for backtracking on immigration and his criticism of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“3 years ago, a complete moron of a president. . .”:

And she’s calling President Trump’s support of former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville over Sessions in the GOP Senate primary in Alabama “another Roy Moore fiasco”:

“Trump didn’t build the wall and never had any intention of doing so”:


Is she correct about the former Auburn coach?

This really is a rant for the ages:

Back to calling him a “complete blithering idiot”:

The idea of Biden winning with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in charge of Congress is pretty terrifying:

“. . .I am deeply sorry for thinking that this shallow and broken man would show even some remote fealty to the promises that got him elected”:

An on and on and on it goes:

She also took shots at Steven Miller:

And Jared Kushner:

And, finally, “HE ALONE made the decision to fire Comey…because of Russia”:


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