If Joe Biden’s tweets (and Ron Klain’s retweets) were all you had to go by, you could be forgiven for thinking that the current administration is winning Americans’ hearts and minds all day, every day. They’re always talking about how great everything is and how great everything that’s not great yet will be once they fix all of our problems with their great ideas.

But apparently there are a lot of Americans who aren’t looking at Joe Biden’s tweets and Ron Klain’s retweets and don’t realize how great everything is, because a new AP-NORC poll suggests that fewer Americans than ever approve of the job Joe Biden is currently doing as president:

39%? Do we hear 38%? 37%?

“Deepening pessimism emerging among members of his own Democratic Party”? Ruh-roh, Joe.

This poll in particular is very interesting.

And you thought three in ten was bad!

And we have no doubt that Ron Klain is clinging bitterly to that “slightly elevated.”

tHeSe PoLL nuMbErS aRe JuSt TrAnSiToRy!

And also the Republicans’ fault. They’ve been out to get Joe Biden from the get-go, those monsters. This poll is disinformation! Disinformation, do you hear?

Just imagine what he could still do in those two and a half years.

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