After a series of arrests gone wrong for social distancing violations, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is hitting the “reset” button and will no longer have the NYPD “issue summonses or arrests for lack of face covering”:

If you recall, we told about this arrest earlier in the week where a Brooklyn mother was handcuffed and thrown to the ground after an altercation with cops because she wasn’t wearing her mask properly:

But is it really a “reset”?

This seems to give enough wiggle room to the NYPD to still go after people over their mask usage. For example, 7 guys hanging out on the corner and it’s OK for the NYPD to get involved?

And what does “unless there is a serious danger to the public” mean? A mom without a mask going into an underground tube would certainly qualify under this, no?

Anyone want to be on this being the balance he’s looking for?

Or, maybe, what Mayor De Blasio should do is listen to the union and end this altogether?



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