ICYMI it yesterday, there’s was a bit of a (made up) media firestorm after President Trump criticized Dr. Anthony Fauci’s answer on opening schools in America from his Senate hearing on Tuesday:

But as the media continues to try to get the president and Dr. Fauci to get into a fight, Dr. Scott Gottlieb pointed out on CNBC this morning that it’s likely to be a local decision and schools should attempt to open up in the fall:

He warned that this 2nd wave, if it hits at all, might be after schools open and the decision on closing schools will be made at the local level. From CNBC:

“If the disease is epidemic within a state or a local community, the decision’s probably going to be made to close the schools. I don’t think this is a national-level decision at this point,” he said.



At some point maybe the media will figure out that what President Trump is saying isn’t really that controversial? More from President Trump and schools from his interview on Fox Business:


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