Former Hillary Clinton campaign hack Jennifer Palmieri wrote in Vanity Fair that, although it’s created “complex discomfort” for her, she believes Joe Biden:

An excerpt:

It weighs on me that, other than my work to defeat Trump in 2016, if there were a side to choose in litigating a question about inappropriate sexual behavior, my work has put me on the side of the man. I’ve never taken it without merit, and I’ve only argued for those I felt deserved to be defended. But as I once again choose to side with the man with the power, I admit that my own track record makes me uncomfortable. I know some will criticize me for my decision in this case; that’s their prerogative. In the end the question of whom we believe is one we will answer for ourselves. I also know that there is no way to divorce my conviction that Reade’s allegation is false with the fact that, as someone who hopes Biden will become the next president, it’s a convenient position. But just as the inconsistencies in Reade’s story and her opposition to Biden’s campaign on their own don’t render her story false, Biden’s standing as a major political figure and my belief in his campaign don’t make him guilty.

Now, here’s Stanford professor Michele Dauber taking Palmieri to the proverbial woodshed for, once again siding with the man in power. . .

LOL. All she needs is the 1.21 gigawatts and off she goes:


“Either you have principles or you don’t”:

Dauber see’s Reade status as a “regular person” working against her:

It’s the Bill Clinton playbook:

“You quisling”:

Now, here’s where it gets REALLY good: “If your reasoning and logic and strategy was any good at all, Trump wouldn’t even be President.”

She hits the DNC, too:

Fact check: True!

“Our elites are terrible”:

Wow, what a thread!



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