Readers, we’re curious. . .

Do you know someone diagnosed with coronavirus? (This editor lived in NYC for 20+ years and Miami for 10 and I only know of 1 confirmed case, and that was in California).

We ask because this poll of New York and NYC residents is pretty shocking, comparatively so.

In New York City, 76% say they personally know someone who has been diagnosed with coronavirus and 46% know someone who has died from it:

There’s a racial component to this as well:

This is what’s causing the disconnect between the national media, out of New York City and DC, and the rest of America. They are living a different reality than millions of us, and it shows. President Trump, for example, is far below Gov. Cuomo in terms of approval rating in the state:

TBH, we’re shocked Mayor de Blasio is this high:

Now ask yourself this question. We’d gather that the number is much higher for the rest of America:

Things getting back to normal is split:

While the restaurant number is scary for New York businesses, we’d like to see how that polls in states with a low number of coronavirus cases. There could be hope, especially since restaurants in New York City — small, crowded — don’t necessarily look like the restaurants you go to in your home cities:



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