The attacks on Bethany Mandel continue, this time from TPM’s Josh Marshall who said she and her husband, Seth, are “affluent” and they can “work from home basically forever with the only major downsides ennui” (ennui: a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement):

What a total and complete a-hole, not to mention he doesn’t know the first thing about the Mandels:

He doubled down, saying “appearances suggest” they’re upper middle class:

Oh. Was it the “Nissan Altima with 139K miles” on it that gave it away?

Get a clue, Josh:

This also missed the entire point of her thread:

Here comes the triple down:

We’ll wait for an answer:

Also, this:

This is the reality that millions of small businesses face right now and Bethany pointed it out, rightfully so:

And everyone made her point:




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