Current CNN and former Bill Clinton hack Joe Lockhart said the 2020 election is “coming down to a Republican [party] who reject science and [data] and put their faith in God and Trump and Democrats who believe the answers will come from science, data, and really smart people working the problems”:

You mean like the super-smart Dems relying on science to run New York City right now?

And the same “really smart people” who keep getting it wrong?

New York literally sent COVID-19 positive patients back into their nursing homes to infect everyone else. This is who we should vote for?

Can we talk about New York’s subways, too? We’re two months into this and they’re just now cleaning them:

We’re doomed if Dems are left in charge:

Compare New York to Florida and tell us again why we should support Dem leadership:

But science!

Oh, and let’s add Virginia, run by Gov. Blackface, to the mix:



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