Steve Krakauer crunched the numbers and separated out New York and other hard-hit states and it really gives a better look at how the United States is doing overall as we battle the coronavirus:

First up, isolating New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and DC gives you a per capita rate of 1,008 deaths per 1 million residents for just those states:

Now, compare that to the rest of American and the rate is 104 deaths per 1 million residents:

America, minus NY, NJ, CT, MA and DC, gives us a similar result to Canada:

There really are two Americas and then need totally different responses:

Now, let’s look at individual states. Look at New York (No. 4 in population) compared to Florida (No. 3) and Texas (No. 2):

Whoa. That’s HUGE. Keep these numbers in mind as we debate opening up individual states.


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