CNN’s Chris Cuomo is at it again, this time calling people who gathered in Central Park “fools” during his show last night:

“. . .Fatigue. I’ve had it! Season’s chaning. It’s getting warm. I want to get back to it. Look at these fools. FOOLS! I know they want to be out there! FOOLS! It’s not about you. It’s the other people!”

Here’s a screenshot of what he was referring to when he called them out, despite his behavior on Easter when he went and got a little sun in the Hamptons despite being syptomoatic AND with a wife and possible child infected with corona:

Watch here:

“Maybe sit this one out dude”:

Of note, CNN has yet to comment their star putting other lives at risk along with their BS segment on it:

But the people of NYC have different rules:

How many of those people in the park actually infected someone, Chris?

His behavior was way worse than whatever he displayed on his show: