Celebrities are having a rough time, y’all, and since they can’t be outside complaining about the paparazzi taking videos of them doing stupid things, they’re taking videos of themselves doing stupid things at home and posting it on Instagram.

Case in point, here’s model, TV host and cookbook author Padma Lakshmi guzzling fake tequila in this not-so-funny tutorial on how to make a margarita to help parents who are quarantined with their kids. Have a watch:

We can’t be the only ones just a little bit tired of wealthy celebrities posting these videos to show you just how badly they have it in quarantine, you know, just like parents at home who are trying to homeschool kids and keep their job or, even worse, have lost their job. Enough of this:

And since when is this funny?

Nope. Not ever:

And we won’t call them out, but a number of people assumed that was real tequila she chugged at the end of the video. It was not and do not try this at home:


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