Journos noted that earlier this morning, President Trump went on an “epic Bill Mitchell retweet binge,” but they missed the one that was the most important:

It was this one where the president called out Mitchell for defending Sweden’s coronavirus response:

If you don’t follow Mitchell, he’s a huge critic of what’s gone on in the U.S. For example:

And called out the president for listening to Fauci and Birx:

With that said, it was weird for the WHO to jump in like it did. From the Washington Examiner:


Dr. Mike Ryan, the WHO’s executive director for health emergencies, strongly defended the Nordic country after facing scrutiny from many academics for resisting stronger economic closures to mitigate the spread of the virus.

“I think there’s a perception out there that Sweden has not put in control measures and just has allowed the disease to spread,” Ryan said Wednesday. “Nothing can be further from the truth. Sweden has put in place a very strong public health policy around physical distancing, around caring and protecting for people in, in long-term facilities, and many other things.”

“What it has done differently is it has very much relied on its relationship with its citizenry, and the ability and willingness of citizens to implement physical distancing and to self-regulate, if you want to use that word,” Ryan continued.

We’ll be debating which response was the correct one for years to come, but if you compare per-capita numbers, the U.S. is doing better than Sweden:

And President Trump wants that known:

But, again, there are potential benefits to Sweden’s slow burn strategy as we have no idea what our winter will look like and they do to some extent:

We’ll add the caveat that extrapolating from Sweden, with a population of only 10 million, probably doesn’t fit what’s happening in the U.S. anyway, but it is something to watch now that the president is pushing back on something many of his supporters were pushing for.