As states debate whether or not citizens can safely go sit on a beach in the sun with fresh air and a breeze with more than 6 feet between people, check out this “nearly full flight” from the U.S. epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic to Charlotte where passengers were not even required to wear masks:

How in the world can they justify this?

Anyway, the era of flying without a mask looks to soon be at an end. JetBlue announced mandatory masks starting in May:

American will provide masks as well but what is this BS on middle seats “when possible”? Do we get those same rules at home?

And this is weird wording. The masks won’t be mandatory?

Delta is also in the “make available” column:

If we have to wear masks inside grocery stores, shouldn’t people inside a sealed tube have to do the same thing? We suspect the’ll be required by all in the near future: