Random sampling of Miami-Dade County has found that 165,000 residents, about 6% of the population, have tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies, which is 15 times greater than the number of confirmed cases in the county (there are just over 30,000 confirmed cases statewide):

In other words, “waaaayyyyyy more people have or had the virus”:

The good news? Parks will soon be open in Miami-Dade. The bad news? This is not even close to herd immunity. From the Miami Herald:

Gimenez said parks would open “as soon as possible” once security is in place, and that the opening would take place on a weekday. He did not specify a date.

The findings indicate that Miami-Dade is far from the 60% or higher infection rate needed to reach herd immunity, when enough people are infected to stop the spread of the virus by slowing transmission.

The study is being conducted by the University of Miami:

1400 participants were tested over two weeks, with more testing underway:

More on how the study was conducted: