Wow. The distributor for Michael Moore’s new film, “Planet of the Humans,” has taken the film down over allegations of misinformation:

But here’s the twist. . .

It’s the claimate alarmists who are pissed at Moore this time:

LOL. They’re mad that he exposed green energy as a fraud with ties to the oil industry and big business:

Via Gizmodo:

The movie’s central thesis is that we are on the brink of extinction and have been sold a damaged bill of goods about all forms of renewable energy by environmental groups motivated by profit. Essentially, the argument is we’re all dirty and the stain will never come out no matter how hard we try.

There are a few issues at play. One is that much of the issues the film takes with solar and wind are based on anachronistic viewpoints. PV Magazine, a solar trade publication,notes that it’s “difficult to take the film seriously on any topic when it botches the solar portion so thoroughly. Although the film was released in 2020, the solar industry it examines, whether through incompetence or venality, is from somewhere back in 2009.”

You mean they’re mad at Moore did to them what he’s done in EVERY one of his films?

They didn’t even watch the film before posting it?

Moore isn’t responding to the criticism, at least not yet:

Stop “PUNCHING DOWN” Michael!

Oh, and you can still watch the film, for free, on YouTube: