Nate Silver crunched the numbers to show just how different each state is in terms of where it is on the curve, and it’s pretty eye-opening.

As they say, THREAD ==>

First up, the caveat:

What’s interesting here is that California along with Illinois, Virginia and DC are at their peak:

And Connecticut and Massachusetts aren’t much better off:

But there is some good news on the way from Georgia and Maryland if things hold up:

Now for the good news in Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Texas (this puts the Liberate protests Colorado and Michigan in perspective):

And here’s Florida, which has become the national punching bag over the limited opening of beaches in Jacksonville:

Who would’ve expected a few weeks ago that Louisiana would be in the grouping? Note Idaho is on this list, the same state we told you about earlier where mom was arrested at a “playground protest”:

In summary: