We’ve come to rely on Brit Hume finding some of the most interesting threads regarding the coronavirus, and today’s edition is no different: The entire timeline for COVID-19 in the U.S. has changed:

Officials in Santa Clara County, CA have determined that three people died from the novel coronavirus on February 9, 2020, which is weeks earlier than first thought:

Before this revelation, the first U.S. death was thought to have occurred on February 29:

Santa Clara County blamed a “lack of tests and strict testing parameters” for those deaths getting missed:

So, how many other deaths are we missing?

“Blows up what had previously been reported”:

This means that they were infected in early January, which raises the question of just how much earlier than that it had already been spreading inside the U.S. (China didn’t tell the WHO of the “unknown illness” until 12/31 with the first case suspected on 12/10):

Full statement here: