Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry reopened his city’s beaches for “recreational activities only” which means “no chairs, coolers, sitting/groups congregating”:

It’s an experiment of sorts where he asking residents to abide by the rules and not “ruin this for everyone”:

But to Biden supporter and Dem activist Travis Akers, this is a disaster in the making:

To us, and others, it looks like people obeying the rules:

Here’s the view from ground level. At least today, things look under control:

And check it out in the video:

We also took a look at one of the beach cameras at the same time his post went viral. . .

. . .and what we saw was just people walking in the sand with a few surfers. No. Big. Deal:

Oh, and by the way, sunlight and humidity kills the virus according to the U.S. Government:

Here’s hoping things don’t get out of hand this weekend and the mayor can keep it open. Fingers crossed.


Editor’s note: We’ve corrected a typo in the headline.