As Dems try to say President Trump’s response to COVID-19 was particularly bad, here’s a reminder that Europe totally failed in stopping COVID-19 as well. This means something went badly wrong at an institutional level and it should be above politics to get to the bottom of, but, alas, we doubt it will happen.

Anyway, THREAD ==>

On January 22, coronavirus wasn’t even a concern:

The WHO wasn’t any help:

But as the warnings started to appear, coronavirus was still considered “low danger”:

With the benefit of hindsight, the travel ban (ours and Italy’s) came too late:

Fast forward to February 13 and still nothing:

Vacations went on as scheduled:

Still no desire to close any borders on February 25:

Remember when we could shake hands? The good old days:

And, finally, once it did sink in, tests were not available: