So, you know that New York Times article we told you about earlier that said the majority of COVID-19 cases in NYC came from Europe? This wasn’t really surprising as China infected the entire world, but libs sure thought it was a slam dunk on President Trump:

But then we saw this old tweet from Joe Biden cross our timeline, a OOOH BOY, did it not age well. Keep in mind, the first COVID-19 case in NYC was announced on March 1 and here’s Sleepy Joe on March 12 saying we still don’t need a travel ban to Europe?

Biden was responding to President Trump’s national address where he shut down travel to Europe on March 11:

He was wrong then, and he’s even more wrong now:

In retrospect, the ONLY way to have stopped COVID-19 was a full travel ban in January, and even then, the cake was probably already baked.