So, I got into a little spat with MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski this morning that all started with this tweet of hers where she relayed this story from during the 2016 campaign where Joe Scarborough was left “speechless” after then candidate Trump allegedly showed him what looked like an unopened Bible when asked, “do you read?”

ICYMI, here’s what we wrote earlier:

And I responded back with this, dinging her for letting MSNBC viewers in on this little bit of gossip AFTER the election:

She wasn’t happy with that comment, however, and told me to “try reading” and attached the BS New York Times article on the president and Sanofi we told you about earlier:

First off, she’s the one who should try reading as there was absolutely nothing wrong with the president owning a mutual fund. In fact, that’s what politicians are supposed to do:

And I didn’t really even know why she tweeted that article at first:

But then I realized she thought it was going to be the major story of the day. Whoops:

And for the record, since Mika didn’t answer my original point, the Bible story, which allegedly happened in 2015, first came to light in 2018 in an op-ed Joe Scarborough wrote in the Washington Post:

So, we’ll ask again: Why did you two sit on this? And what else haven’t you told America?