Comedian Jean Friedman is refusing to delete this viral saying senior White House adviser Stephen Miller “has tested positive for covid-19,” which he doesn’t and now has gone viral:

Here’s a screenshot for when it does get deleted:

But for some reason she did delete this tweet defending herself:

It’s all a big joke, right?

“Serious question, what is the worst case scenario in people thinking Stephen Miller has covid-19? He’ll have to pitch his pro-Nazi policies to Trump via Zoom?”:

And how about, “If I delete my tweet, the terrorists win”:

She also deleted another tweet where she said, “It’s not a comedian’s responsibility to be accurate. It’s a comedian’s responsibility to make their fans happy. If I have lost any fans over any of my tweets, then it probably wasn’t meant to be.” Screenshot here:

Apparently she thinks she’s helping to fight fake news by leaving up the fake news, or something:

And she’s hoping other journos retweet her so they can embarrass themselves, which we’re all for actually:

Wow, she’s all over the place on this: