During yesterday’s press briefing at the White House, CNN cut away from the live feed after President Trump started talking about new anti-drug efforts to combat trafficking as cartels look to take advantage of American law enforcement while we’re dealing with the pandemic:

CNN was particularly pissed that the president would use the daily briefing the begged the White House to give in such a manner:

Here’s their lead paragraph:

On a day when more than 800 Americans died of the coronavirus, President Donald Trump used his daily briefing on the pandemic to unveil seemingly unrelated counternarcotics operations that senior officials said would hurt embattled Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro.

“Today the United States is launching enhanced counternarcotics operations in the Western Hemisphere to protect the American people from the deadly scourge of illegal narcotics,” Trump said.

And CNN’s John King was furious, calling it “shameless and political”:

FFS. We’ve been begging these “political” reporters to give up their seats for weeks and turn the questions over to health-care or medical reporters, and now King is pissed that it’s too political?

Plus, all the had to do was wait a few minutes and IT WAS ABOUT CORONAVIRUS:


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