YIKES. South Korean schools will start the new year online-only in an effort to continue coronavirus mitigation efforts in the country (if they’re not opening on time, what does that say about the U.S. timeline?):

This is also news to ABC’s Chief Political Analyst Matthew Dowd who didn’t even know that South Korea closed its schools in the first place:

Needless to say, parents in South Korea will not be happy with this:

Schools have been closed since December:

And as for just copying South Korea, it’s not just “testing” as Dowd would have you believe. There are major policy changes that would need to be taken:

For example, they’re taking your temperature whenever you enter buildings in South Korea:

And you’ve probably heard of their GPS tracking of positive cases? Here’s an example of what that means. . .

More from The Hill on what South Korea is doing:

Another factor in how South Korea is dealing with the situation is that the government is making information public. For example, the GPS locations of people confirmed for COVID-19 is available on an app so that others can avoid those areas. As questionable as that may be from a privacy standpoint, it may help people feel informed and in control of their health.

South Korea has also been practicing social distancing to try to stem an increase in cases. With a population of about 51 million people, they’ve closed schools and offices and canceled large gatherings. There are thermal imaging cameras at entrances to buildings and people in costume in public spaces reminding others to wash their hands, according to BBC.

Well, America could do the costumed characters, at the very least.