Don’t look now, but we’re seeing increasing chatter for libs and Bernie supporters that nominating Joe Biden is a sure way to lose to President Trump:

And what’s helping drive that narrative is this new ABC-WaPo poll that has Biden and Trump in a statistical dead heat:

But if Biden were to somehow not make it to the convention, would it be Bernie? Probably not as NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo is riding a wave of support, at least in New York where 87% of the state’s voters now approve of the job he’s doing as governor:

That’s a jump of 54 points:

And as we told you last week, none other that Obama photographer Pete Souza called Cuomo the “current acting President.” How’s that for ding on Joe?

Not that it matters, but Bill Maher agrees:

Conservative certainly are wondering why Dems don’t kick Joe to the curb:

Betting markets, however, still have Trump beating Biden with Cuomo as the longshot:



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