Unemployment numbers are in for the week ending March 21 and they should not be surprising to anyone:

But we’re seeing a lot of tweets along these lines where pundits seems shocked by the news:

Jesse Kelly has a message for everyone who was “shocked” or “stunned” by today’s news: “I saw this coming from the beginning. And I’m an idiot. You should have seen it too”:

And the 3.2 million number is likely underreporting things:

There are thousands and thousands who couldn’t even file because of issues with state websites:

And the number doesn’t take into account 1099 employees:

We don’t know how much bigger the number actually is, but we need to be ready for it to be a lot higher:

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s the NYT’s Ben Caselman: “As bad as they will be (and they will be catastrophically bad), they will NOT reflect the full scope of the problem”:

Now, soon-to-be-passed coronavirus stimulus bill should help some of these people:

But some people who do already qualify don’t know that they qualify:

As we mentioned above:

In sum, this is the “lower bound”:

Bottom line: It will get worse:



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