The $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill passed the Senate last night 96-0, but. . .

. . .is there a reason the House can’t vote on it, you know, today? According to Nancy Pelosi, the House will take up the legislation on Friday:

Pelosi told the WSJ that she’s planning to debate the bill on the floor and will not pass it through unanimous consent, citing Republican opposition to unanimous consent in the Senate:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) told reporters Wednesday that she expects the House to debate the legislation on the floor, a shift from previous statements in which she said she wanted to pass it by unanimous consent, a nearly unheard of process for such a large piece of legislation that could be blocked by one lawmaker.

“Republicans have told us that’s not possible from their side,” to pass it by unanimous consent, she said. “This is a $2 trillion bill, I would like to see good debate on the floor.”

The House is likely to pass it by a voice vote, where members call out “Aye” or “No” and not a roll-call vote where names are recorded. That option allows members who are present to register dissent, but the bill could still be passed based on a vote of those in Washington and allow those wary of returning to stay home.

Oh, and it’s her birthday today:

Enjoy the cake, Nancy, and get the House back to work please.



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