As cable news hosts trash President Trump for daring to ask about what comes next as America fights the coronavirus epidemic, there’s a new report out in the Orlando Sentinel that the drop in sales tax revenue is about to hit the state of Florida “hard”:

Florida, which has no state income tax, relies on the sales tax for “nearly $4 of every $5 in the state’s roughly $33 billion general revenue fund”:

The state won’t have a model for how bad things are until “mid- or late-May”? Gulp:

This is why the president is right to start this conversation now:

It’s not just “dollars vs. lives.” In the very near future, this will be a functioning government or not:

Oh, and things aren’t even as bad as they could get:

We’re not sure what industry he’s talking about, but there are report the entire airline industry is in talks to shut down:

Again, gulp:

And so should everyone on cable news:


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