Lijian Zhao, a senior Chinese official, is openly lying about what the CDC Director said earlier this year to make it look like the Chinese coronavirus started in the United States and not in the Wuhan wet market:

So, please remember the propaganda battle going on every time President Trump sends journos to their fainting couches when he says “Chinese virus”:

Screenshot for posterity:

Here’s some background on how he’s “deliberately mischaracterizing” what the CDC director actually said:


Zhao has also been retweeting random Twitter accounts who think COVID-19 was in the U.S. before January 2020:

So, when’s Twitter going to add one of those disinformation warnings, at the very least?


This is a pretty clear example of something Twitter should act on:

But, nah. Keep going after those meme-makers who used a bit of a song or something:

But in an interview with Axios, the Chinese ambassador to the U.S. tried to tamp down this conspiracy theory talk:

Well, how about getting these clowns to delete their tweets?


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