There’s a new Reuters article out tonight that’s libs and journos are intentionally misleading their readers on and it’s really pretty disgusting. First up, here’s the headline:

Exclusive: U.S. axed CDC expert job in China months before virus outbreak

And here’s the first paragraph via CNN’s Jake Tapper:

Except by focusing on the headline and first paragraph only, readers are missing out on this detail:

One disease expert told Reuters he was skeptical that the U.S. resident adviser would have been able to get earlier or better information to the Trump administration, given the Chinese government’s suppression of information.

“In the end, based on circumstances in China, it probably wouldn’t have had made a big difference,” Scott McNabb, who was a CDC epidemiologist for 20 years and is now a research professor at Emory University. “The problem was how the Chinese handled it. What should have changed was the Chinese should have acknowledged it earlier and didn’t.”

All we ask is some fairness:

Well, we are taking it up with Reuters, too. It’s garbage:

Also, this is pretty legit media criticism that he’s getting angry at:

Nah. This doesn’t fit the narrative:

Tough day for Jake:

China is winning the propaganda war thank to the U.S. media:

Some examples of libs running with this as well:


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