Fox News’ Laura Ingraham is under fire over this tweet where she said, “Americans need to know date certain when this will end” and “The uncertainty for businesses, parents and kids is just not sustainable.”

Her point is that the American people won’t stand for a long-term shutdown which should be obvious to everyone:

The cavalier attitude we’re seeing where politicians are just closing industries and there absolutely no safety net on the table for those affected workers is terrifying. We GET the need for the closures, but there’s been no debate in public on it at all:

And states are in for a rude awakening as their ability to pay for the shutdown is based on tax revenue that will evaporate in a continued shutdown. Houston, for example, is making small businesses pay their taxes despite no revenues coming in. Online the federal government, a business owner can’t just print money and hand it over. What are cities going to do when these taxes dry up?

Anyway, blue-check are totally missing her point. This pandemic will be with us for months and probably years and maybe forever like the seasonal flu. So, sure, misinterpret her for the likes and retweets:

You know, people who get paid to be on TV and comment on this crisis who can easily transition to working from home just might not get how badly this is affecting small business owners and their employees across America:

WWE’s Sami Zayn made the “talk to the manager” joke:

That’s easy to do as his industry wasn’t shut down. And they just pretended like coronavirus never existed via Forbes:

On Monday night on WWE Raw, terms like “coronavirus” or “COVID-19” were conspicuous by their absences as any reference to the global pandemic was replaced with the corporate-approved term of “current circumstances.”


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