Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who was FDA commissioner from 2017 until 2019, posted this 10-tweet thread that lays out the four things the U.S. needs to do right now to get through the “two hard months ahead.”

For starters, “We probably lost chance to have an outcome like South Korea and “We must do everything to avert the tragic suffering being borne by Italy”:

1. More aggressive screening and testing is needed:

But our fate lies in the hands of big corporate labs like LabCorp and Quest:

“We must scale their ability to sharply expand screening”:

So, we need to give them resources to accomplish this:

2. Canceling big things like NBA games is not enough:

3. “We need to create surge capacity in hospitals”:

4. We need to increase social distancing:

And, in summary, “We have two hard months ahead of us”:


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