That sound you hear is celebrity socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez admitting that elderly socialist Bernie Sanders had a “tough night” and, reading between the lines, it’s going to be Joe Biden winning the nomination.

Excerpts from her Instagram live video last night: “There’s no sugar-coating it”:

Congratulations to Joe Biden:

She doesn’t want the young voters, who haven’t been showing up, to not blame the older voters, who did show up:

“Movements aren’t necessarily electoral”? Well, eventually they *have to be* electoral if they are to succeed:

LOL. The younger voters will learn how to vote . . . someday:

The generation that looks to Greta Thunberg as its hero will just have to wait:

Yes, Dems believe in getting to Medicare for All and that climate change is a threat. They just don’t agree with Bernie that it has to be Medicare for All RIGHT NOW or AOC’s timeline of only a dozen or so years to save the planet:

And here’s where we think the writing is on the wall for Bernie Sanders. It’s over:

It’s adorable that she think she can get rid of cynicism:

Nobody’s heart is “turning black.” They’re just pragmatic: