It’s pretty clear that the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak is a serious health risk to many Americans. It’s also pretty clear that the people making decisions haven’t thought things through.

For example, closing up university housing with 24-hours notice:

As you might imagine, kids, many of whom are in debt to pay to live in said dorms, weren’t happy with the news and then decided to gather in a really large group to protest or just for fun. It’s hard to tell exactly what is going on here:

Update: Apparently it was more of a party than a protest:

Is this the first coronavirus-related riot?

It would be really nice if everyone just calmed the f*** down:

But nah:

Students, don’t do this. But universities? Plan for  more of this:

According to university officials, the students were throwing things at the cops:

And we’re seeing that those were pepper balls that were shot at the students:

Official statement from the University of Dayton:


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