Philip Crowther, who lists himself as an “International Affiliate Reporter for
@AP_GMS,” is quite triggered that President Trump just quoted Elizabeth Warren saying she always assumed she was an “Indian” because of her “high cheekbones”:

It’s actually very problematic for a political reporter not to know that Warren used both “Indians” and “high cheekbones” to describe this:

But don’t believe us. Read it for yourself in the Washington Post:

And if that’s not enough, listen to Warren say these exact words:

So if you’re mad at someone for referring to Native American as “Indians” and saying genetics is responsible for their “high cheekbones,” it’s not President Trump who’s at fault here.


Update: We’ve corrected this post to reflect that Philip Crowther is an “International Affiliate Reporter for
@AP_GMS” and not a “reporter for the AP.” The old headline has been changed from: “It’s actually very problematic that a reporter for the AP is triggered by Trump quoting Elizabeth Warren on her ‘high cheekbones’.”


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