The White House Correspondents’ Association announced this morning that SNL’s Kenan Thompson will host its annual dinner on April 25 this year with comedian Hasan Minhaj as the featured entertainer:

So, they’re admitting last year’s dinner was a dud?

Will Thompson host as Darius Trump?

Or will he come dressed up as the “Blacks for Trump” guy?

The dinner is making some other changes, too, and looking to liven things up from previous years:

You know, one reason print journalism is dying is because it can’t compete with giant screens, which they’re admitting:

The dinner itself — held in the dreary ballroom of the Washington Hilton — will have a refreshed look. The yellowish curtain of years past will be replaced by large screens, and the evening will be overseen by a veteran television producer, Bob Bain, whose résumé includes a pair of Trevor Noah’s Netflix specials.

Whether Mr. Trump plans to go remains unknown: the White House did not respond to a request about the president’s intentions.

So, will the president attend? Hopefully it’s a hard no.