Police in Cayce, S.C. identified the dead man found in the same neighborhood as murdered 6-year-old Faye Swetlik as Coty Taylor, age 30:

More on Taylor here:

He was a neighbor of the the girl and not a family member or friend:

Faye’s body was found in the woods near his apartment complex:

Police actually searched his home before and returned after they found evidence linking him to Faye in his garbage:

Police didn’t say what the evidence was, but said it was listed in the missing person’s report (“polka dot rain boots, a pink flowered shirt and a black t-shirt with a neon design and ‘PEACE’ written on the front”). Officers found the evidence after following the local trash truck:

Police think Faye’s body was not in the woods long as they had searched that area before:

Taylor reportedly had not criminal record and was not known to authorities: