Earlier two, blue-checks got themselves all worked up after the program at the Munich Security Conference listed Mike Pompeo’s wife as a “Special Assistant to the Secretary of State.” From Politico’s Nahal Toosi:

Understandably, this was odd and the language at the bottom of the program said that the descriptions were provided by the participants:

But then around midday EST, it became clear that that there was some sort of mistake on the part of the MSC:

Not good enough?

Anyway, the MSC fessed up to journos and said “we feel very sorry about it”:

It’s time to stand down, journos. From Katie Pavlich:

And note how many retweets the first tweet got compared to the correction:

And since the first tweet is still up, this non-controversy is still getting picked up by other journos:

More from Amb. Richard Grenell:

The desire to be first strikes again: