SHOT. . .

There’s an article out today in the AP that says Trump advisers were hoping the president’s presence in New Hampshire, along with his Secret Service detail, would cause headaches for Dems crisscrossing the state ahead of today’s primary:


And for all the libs mad at the president over this, Donna Brazile did the same thing for Al Gore back in 2000. Via USA Today’s Susan Page (note that Brazile did this on election day, Trump — allegedly — was the day before voting started):

Every. Time! Whatever Trump does, there’s always a lib who has done the same thing. But, of course, Dems are ONLY mad now:

Will any of these clowns call out Brazile for doing the same thing?

Classic Al Gore, you mean:

LOCK HIM UP (Gore, we mean):

And it didn’t even do anything, if true:

Everyone, please go on with your day. Move along: