Snoop Dogg is under fire after he called CBS’s Gayle King a “funky dog head b*tch” after CBS tweeted out a clip of King’s interview with WNBA star Lisa Leslie where she asked about Kobe Bryant’s past rape accusation (and he says Bill Cosby should be released from prison):

Bill Cosby then weighed in from prison where he’s serving time for sexual assault and thanked Snoop for his kind words:

And then “The Ellen Show” aired an episode today that was guest-hosted by Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart:

So, where does Ellen DeGeneres herself fall in this debate? Here’s what she said about Dr. Ford and her accusations against Brett Kavanaugh:

Anyway, here’s the clip that set Snoop Dogg off:

According to Oprah, King is getting death threats and is now traveling with security over the online outrage at her interview:

King said she’s “mortified” and “very angry” at CBS for putting up that clip: