Whatever you think of Sen. Mitt Romney’s vote on impeachment yesterday, Brian Riedl does have a point: Where the eff are all the apologizes from Dems who lied their a**es off in 2012 about him?

The one on the left is Mitt Romney in 2012, the one on the right is Mitt Romney today: PICK!

For example, here’s Sen. Brian Schatz who yesterday was brought to tears by Romney’s courage:

“Thank you, Mitt”:

Now, here’s the then Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii back in 2012. It’s really weird how he never said anything nice about him!

Schatz was selected to fill Hawaii’s vacant Senate seat shortly after the election. Maybe he didn’t say anything nice about Romney then because he didn’t want to piss of Sen. Reid and thus never get the slot?

So, has a single Dem apologized for 2012?

And we’ll note that one of the reason why Trump’s won over the GOP is because of how Romney was treated in 2012: