UFC founder Dana White is flying a former Best Buy worker out to Vegas and hoping to hire her after her takedown of a male shoplifter went viral this week:

Just to clear up one detail. It sounds like she would have been fired — she had already put in her notice — not that she was fired for it:

More from WCAX News:

“I could hear my manager in the back of me saying, ‘Let him go, Summer. It’s okay, let him go. Let him go,'” Tapasa said. “They would rather let an item go than us risking our lives, and I totally understand that. I appreciate that.”

The Salt Lake woman said she would have been fired for violating the company’s policy, but she had already put in her notice to resign because she wanted to focus on her other job.

Best Buy declined to provide details about its shoplifting procedures, but issued this statement:

“Our biggest concern is always keeping our employees and customers safe. The reality is simple: Physically engaging with criminals can be dangerous. None of the products we sell is worth putting the safety of our employees at risk.”

But, still . . . this was an awesome video and an awesome gesture:

And he’s serious about it:

That was great, wasn’t it?

And thank you for helping this woman out: