Things are getting a little heated over on the Republican side of the Senate with Sen. Lindsey Graham saying that Senators Mike Lee and Rand Paul are “empowering the enemy” Lindsey Graham accuses Mike Lee and Rand Paul of ’empowering the enemy’with their criticism of yesterday’s Iran briefing:

Sen. Rand Paul, for one, is not happy with the comments:

Yesterday, Sen. Mike Lee called the Iran briefing “the worst briefing I’ve had on a military issue in my nine years” in the Senate:

Sen. Lee was particularly incensed that the administration officials briefing the Senators would not commit to a single scenario that needed Congressional authorization:

Sen. Paul called the administration’s justification for its attack on Soleimani “absurd”:

And the briefing was so bad, Senators Lee and Paul said they now support Sen. Tim Kaine’s resolution to “prevent further hostilities with Iran without any authorization”: