Model and  “naked philanthropist” Kaylen Ward, who we told you about yesterday getting called out for once wearing an Eskimo Halloween costume, now says she’s raised “an estimated $1 million” for Australian bushfire victims:

But as we also pointed out yesterday, would it be too much to ask to maybe get some confirmation of this from someone else? Check out how the Washington Post reported on this totally legit story:

A model raised $500,000 for Australia wildfire relief by sending nude photos to donors, she says

“She says” is good enough for them? At least they admit it all could be BS:

Since donors are sending money directly to the designated charities and not to a fund that Ward controls or distributes, neither she nor The Post could confirm exactly how much cash her act of naked altruism has raised. Ward shared with The Post several videos of her phone screen as she scrolled through hundreds of direct messages and receipts.

Oh, and she’s no longer sending naked photos to people although she won’t delete the tweet that says she’ll send you a naked photo if you send her a DM that shows you donated $10 to fire victims:

She’s also pissed at people criticizing or doubting what she’s done:

It’s not about her, she says:

Except, it is. Now that she’s a viral sensation and all, she’s going to make it rain:

Oh, and she thinks she deserves a Nobel Prize, too:

Well, compared to past winners. at least she didn’t kill anyone before getting the Nobel.



We regret to inform you that the ‘Naked Philanthropist’ raising money for Australia was ‘unintentionally’ racist (VIP Content)

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