GQ reporter Julia Ioffe is a little peeved at the DC Department of Motor Vehicles after they refused to issue her a Real ID card today:

But then we find out that the reason she didn’t get a Real ID card is that — SURPRISE — her documents really aren’t in order, despite her being an “educated person” and all. First up? Her Social Security card has a typo, and this is one of the 3 main things you need to prove is accurate:

Next, the birth certificate she’s using is from Russia:

And then, despite the website saying you need originals of everything, she just brought copies of her parents naturalization papers:

Her valid passport did count, which should have fulfilled the “REAL ID Proof of Identity-Full Legal Name, Date of Birth and Lawful Presence” requirement and made the birth certificate and naturalization papers a non-issue:

Well, maybe if they brought in the proper documents and not copies, as well as a Social Security card that matched those documents? Would that work?

Well, hopefully the proof of residence docs were on this list:

FWIW, I was able to obtain a REAL ID at the Florida DMV in about 30 minutes, and that included 22 minutes of wait time in line. But I a) made an appointment and b) brought the correct documents, so that might account for my different experience.