Check out this enterprising employee for a local Domino’s pizza franchise selling pizza for $30 to those gathered in New York City’s Times Square hours before midnight:

But to Mayor Bill de Blasio, who ignored anti-Semitic crimes in his city for over a year, this is just outrageous behavior:

But here’s the thing, for those of you who don’t know: When you go to Time Square to watch the ball drop at midnight, you’re ushered into what the NYPD calls pens, which are fenced off sections. Once you’re in your pen, you can’t leave and reenter for any reason. Which is why many of the people there are wearing adult diapers:

Anyway, we’re sure those people would just love to go eat at a local restaurant, but they can’t. And because they can’t, they were pretty grateful that Domino’s was there to sell them food. From Ebony Bowden who wrote the NY Post story Mayor Big Bird quoted from:

Oh, and Domino’s has been doing this for years. From the article:

“I have a lot of orders. I’m very busy,” delivery guy Ratan Banik told The Post while juggling a large stack of pizzas on Tuesday afternoon, speculating he’d sold about 25 pies.

Banik was running the pizzas for the Domino’s franchise on 40th St. and 7th Ave., which has been doing this on New Year’s Eve for 15 years.

Does Comrade de Blasio think there shouldn’t be a premium paid at an event like this? And on a holiday, no less:

Nope, no clue at all:

We’ll remind you that he’s in favor of surge pricing in midtown Manhattan for cars, just not for pizza:

And he’s totally cool with city workers charging a premium on holidays:

So, what other businesses will de Blasio attack next? Airport gift shops maybe?

Or how about local sports arenas?