We can add former Obama-era Pentagon official and current candidate in the #NY17 Evelyn Farkas to the list of Dems blaming President Trump for last night’s anti-Semitic attack in Monsey, NY:

Is she sure she wants President Trump to give this “big public speech”?

All of a sudden, even Hollywood libs are desperate for President Trump to address the nation:

But it looks like the suspect, Grafton Thomas, is a repeat offender and once even punched a police horse:

And his neighbors say he’s mentally ill:

Which brings us back to Evelyn Farkas who called the attack an instance of domestic terrorism and she wants Congress to pass laws “specifically criminalizing domestic terrorism” and to “prosecute domestic terrorists before they are able to do harm, just like we do with international terrorists”:

So, a Patriot Act but for domestic crimes? Or, and we’re just spitballing here, maybe insane maniacs should be locked up and not left on the streets.


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